specialized plastic welding
company in the world.

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Forward Ultrasonics

Forward Ultrasonics has a lot of manufacturing experiences and high technologies.
By providing higher level of plastic welding technologies, we are leading the domestic plastic welding industry and also strive to be a specialized plastic welding company in the world.

It is our business motto to become a global technological leader in the fields of plastic welding, ultrasonic equipments and its application engineering. Our competent and well-experienced people are the key resources.

Our Products

In today’s competitive world of advance technology we are the company that provides innovative plastic welding machinery and joining solutions for high performance industries backed by the customer’s satisfaction.

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Why TheForward Ultrasonics Top Among The Leading Ultrasonics Companies

Forward Ultrasonics has wide range of Plastic Welding Machines than other brands and having an experience of more than 25 years in providing welding / joining solutions to Automobile, Food, Electronics, Consumer, Medical & Automation industry makes us a preferable choice for customers in India. We are the only company that has in house facility to make all tools components for our ultrasonic welding machines.

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