Ultrasonic Welder

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Ultrasonic welder

When the ultrasonic vibration is applied for the first time, the asperity of the welded surface of the welded surface becomes very fast. The surface protrusions concentrate more stress than other parts, consuming most of the large strain and vibration energy, so that the protrusions of the welded part are melted and heat is transferred to the periphery. The molten layer is thinly formed on the entire welded surface at this moment and diffusion is performed in a short time due to continuous vibration of the ultrasonic wave and welding is performed.

Such ultrasonic welding is performed in such a short time that it is not comparable with the method of using the adhesive. Since the adhesive force is strong and the welded portion is clean, it is possible to reduce the cost and improve the productivity and quality.

(* Ultrasound: sound wave with frequency of 10kHz or more)

Ultrasonic welding operation

Advantages of ultrasonic welding

Characteristics of ultrasonic welding

Overview of plastics that can be welded together

Ultrasonic welder application

Automotive parts

Automotive door Schweissen/ Automotive bumper Sensor/Insert/Sun Visor Hinge /Automotive Wheel Guide/ Automotive dashb


Mask / Oxygen Mask / Thermometer / Filter

Home Appliances

LED lamp / USB / USB hub / cell phone charger / Bluetooth earphone / remote control / SD memory card

Fabric welding

Cushion / Industrial filter / Mask / Fabric cutting / Fabric modeling


Cake & Bread Cutting/ Tea bag welding / Drink packaging / Snack food welding / Liquid packaging container


Air conditioning Cross fan / Washing machine Otobaransu / baby toy / chopsticks / baby toilet / cosmetic case