Infrared Hot Welder

Infrared Hot Welder

Infrared is invisible radiant energy, electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than those of visible light.
This wavelengths range is from 0.76μm to 1000μm. Of that, the shortest wavelengths(0.75~1.5μm ) is NIR(Near infrared)

NIR(Near infrared) : NIR which is the nearest to the radiance of the sun is heated at 1800°C~2200°C. NIR does not heat
the air and transfers heat only to the object. The process using the physical properties of the NIR is becoming a reality.
Heating loss by air is very little because it is directly heated with light. Because light by short wavelength penetrates to deep
inside in short time, it can minimize modification from the original shape.

Advantage of Infrared hot welder